What is COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) ?

COVID-19  is a virus that  symptomize in the form of  common cold or fev er and canalso lead to pneumonia in some cases. Health experts are analyzing the symptoms critically as very little is evident about the new virus. 





How does it spread?

  • The virus is believed to spread mainly from person-to-person.
  • It spreads among people who come in close contact with each other (about six feet).
  • When an infected person sneezes or coughs, small droplets are produced, due to which it spreads
  • When a person comes in contact with these drops, then this virus enters the lungs through his mouth, eyes or nose.














BE CAREFUL: Do not touch your face, eyes and nose.


Wear hand gloves and cover your face withmask. Incase you are not using hand gloves then wash your hands repeatedly.

After all the work is done, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 30 seconds.




Practice social distancing and stay at home unless otherwise its very important. If you meet people greet them by joining hands instead of handshake.







Apart from this we have to be careful about certain things to keep  our surroundings clean.

The items that are commonly used need to be timely sanitized with disinfectants to check the spread of infection.

Use disinfectants to prevent the spread of infection. In the absence of phenyl, harpic or lizol you can prepare disinfectant with the help of bleaching powder.


It is very easy to prepare disinfectant solution at home and would also be a cheaper option.

Things required to prepare homemade disinfectant:

  • Spray Bottle
  •  Measuring cup
  • Damp cloth
  • Bleaching powder ( easily available in super markets)
  • Water

Be careful about few things: The solution should be prepared outside the house in well ventilated areas.

For an effective solution you need to mix the bleaching powder and water in 1:10 ratio respectively. That is each part of bleaching powder should be mixed with 10 parts of water.


Clean and sanitize the objects around you with the help of bleach solution spray or disinfectant at regular intervals like:

  • Doors, window panes, handles and bolts
  • Arms of the chairs
  • Kitchen platform
  • Cigarette ashtray
  • Washbasin and bathroom taps
  • Any other plastic or metal item being used apart from thes


(Repeat this process everyday from time to time)

According to WHO research, TV remote, laptop and mobile phones are major reasons for the spread of virus, hence sanitize your equipments time and again.


In addition to items, toilets and bathroom floors should be cleaned with harpic,lizol or bleaching solution


Apart from cleaning the house, wash all the sheets, pillow covers, curtains, towels or whatever common cloth items around thoroughly with dettol and detergent and parch them in sunlight

Last but not the least bath regularly to ensure total hygiene and don’t forget to mix dettol or savlon in the water.






In case of an emergency or further information you can call on the given helpline numbers.


Don’t Panic. Stay safe Keep safe.

Thank you