14 Mar 2019

Coronavirus the pandemic has become a nightmare for all of us. No other virus or disease spread has been so rapid and deadly till date. Lives across the globe have come to a standby mode with lockdowns and quarantines. The virus has impacted economies, postponed events,  effected peace  in addition to taking toll of lives. The escalating coronavirus live update map worldwide is further augmenting the anxiousness. Each life is breathing within their homes yet with a fear of being exposed to the disease anytime. People with general symptoms are unsure whether to get themselves checked and tested. This has led to a lot of confusion and disturbance whether to visit the doctor or not. Moreover it is unsafe to move out of the houses when the virus is communicable and can be transmitted through social contact and touch.  Thanks to the online portals that are helping to check your corona score at home. You just have to fill in the requisite information and submit and you will be assured whether you are corona safe or not.

Answer the simple questionnaire, get satisfied and rid off the unnecessary fear through checking your corona health score. People are being made aware through media and news channels about the various precautions to be taken to keep yourself safe from corona. One needs to follow the precautions strictly and if the corona score online gives any doubt then it is advisable to visit your doctor immediately. This is just another way to spread awareness and detect if here is any possibility of the person being infected on the basis of his/her mobility and symptoms. As they say prevention is better than cure. Check your corona score as well as that of your family members now.