14 Mar 2019

Covid-19 the pandemic that has brought everyone’s life across the globe to a standstill. Right now the concern is not that for how long the uninvited guest will stay but all attempts are being made to thrash it out completely. The virus has snatched much more beyond the peace of our lives and so its high time we all as humans unite to eradicate it from its very core. Although we  have become quite aware. Thanks to the media and news that is constantly alerting is by telling us the ways how we can keep ourselves protected by avoiding handshake or touching, washing our hands repeatedly, covering our mouth while sneezing or coughing, not touching our mouth, eyes or nose frequently, keep distance from everyone especially those having cold or cough, wearing masks, using hand sanitizer and most importantly avoid going to crowded places. Although we need to follow all the instructions but I would like to confabulate about the last one that is-  to avoid going to crowded places or not going out until it is very important.

Social distancing or Quarantine

Since a couple of days we have been listening to these terms quite often. Keeping social distance is understood but quarantine refers to completely isolating people who are under a doubt of being infected with the contagious disease. People who have recently travelled and visited abroad are being quarantined as a security measure. Coronavirus as we all know is a communicable disease that is rapidly spreading with a simple touch or just as we come in contact with the infected person. So only time and again we are being asked and requested to keep distance.

Why is social distancing important or why should we avoid going to crowded places

We human beings are very fond of socializing. Infact we look for reasons to get together and party for petty reasons. But right now we need to check upon this habit of ours as I mentioned earlier the deadly virus is contagious and is spreading speedily. Especially the people above the age of 60 and children below the age of 10 need to stay at home strictly as they have weak immunity as compared to other ages. The worst part of the virus is that it takes around ten days to enthrall over one’s body that is by the time you realize that you are infected it is too late. A simple cold and cough turning into fever gradually captivates the respiratory system making it tough to breathe. Moreover the infected person proliferates the disease to everyone he/she comes in contact with.

Public  Places To Avoid

As it is the places like restaurants, malls, multiplexes, markets, religious places have been shut down since a few days by the government as a precautionary measure yet our bad habit to feel the breeze around is forcing us to step out of our houses for our self made reasons. But even if you can’t control yourself from moving out then atleast be careful with

Using public transport- We are not aware that the people travelling with us or the ones who travelled before us were clean. Presently the public transport is the most unsafe place to travel in as the seats, windows, gates, holders may contain the germs or virus.

Stop hanging around in the hanging garden- Parks and gardens also need to be strictly avoided right now. Presently we need to give up the idea of taking care of our health and avoid going out for walks, jogging or exercising. You can resume them within your abodes. These places are platforms for social get togethers and connections. Couples are humbly requested to proceed with their rendezvous or dates once the situation gets back to normal.

This is not the time for reunions, assembly, congregations or convocations- Do not plan meetings for discussing issues. Even if something is that important the confabulation can be done on phone or social media instead of social face to face conferencing.

Avoid Parties, kitties - Distancing of all ages is necessary to check the spread of the epidemic. We need to totally transform our regular ways of bridging. Parties and kitties need to be postponed for the while as this may encourage exchange of virus along with eatables, items and thoughts. Ladies will have to delay their face to face discussions about grooming, home cleaning and husband dominating tips. You can use whatsapp for the same.

No social gatherings or get togethers- Any form of grouping or meeting to discuss about the betterment of the country or community etc should be rigidly refrained. These can be conferred about once the routines get to normal.

Avoid long distance travel- Right now making visits within the city to close relatives should also be avoided. As far as long distance travel are concerned the train and flights have been called off. If you are planning to execute the same through personal vehicles then even that wouldn’t be safe as you will have to cross many suspected spots to finally reach the destination.

Using unsanitized medical equipment- People are expected to take care of their health during this period as you may get sick for which you perhaps would require medical assistance. Right now your physician’s or family doctor’s clinic is the most unsafe place. The medical equipments may not be sanitized or safe to be used on you. Kindly eat wisely and practice safe habits to keep fit and healthy. The coronavirus symptoms include cold, cough or fever. Visit your doctor or call for check up only if you have any of the mentioned symptoms. Otherwise avoid hospital visits even if some close relative is admitted for any reason.

Beware COVID-19 is hyperactive. A silly mistake and it can cost you not just your life but also the life of people around you. Stay at home and spend time with your family or you can utilize it in taking up your hobbies. STAY HOME